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Weight Loss Plan by Neene CEO

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I created this guide because 3/4 years ago , I was really big I was about a size 16 to 18. I was so and depressed! I just wanted to dress like every other girl and wear crop tops , shorts , tight dresses and feel comfortable and feel happy my skin . I tried so many diets and I just couldn’t lose weight, I went to the gym I just couldn’t lose weight! I was unhappy it really affected me emotionally. I thought of surgery and I even spoke to someone , and I was told I was too big for surgery and I just hit rock bottom. Then I spoke to a friend of mine Tali , Who told me weight loss and gain is a lifestyle not a quick fix! SO I changed my lifestyle and how a ate and what I did , but I still had fun with it! Shoo get? Do you get it? This plan is like no other weight loss plans or program because this plan is about your you lifestyle , emotions etc , it’s about believing in yourself and be happy in yourself so you can actually shift the weight. Some people struggle with weight loss more than others. it took me years to get to this point where I was able to shift the weight within a few weeks to months. This plan includes exercises , a dietary plan , an emotional diary and more! Now I know how to loose and put and weight and most importantly maintain my weight! This plan is for loosing weight!!! More will be out soon!

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Weight Loss Plan by Neene CEO

Weight Loss Plan by Neene CEO

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